Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

Gutsy Girl's Adventures is about to take on a WHOLE new meaning in the next few months! Having now officially recovered from my achilles injury...the time has COME! One new adventure for this Gutsy Girl EVERY SINGLE MONTH! No matter how big or small, my goal is to try something new, something that challenges me to get out of my comfort zone and hopefully teaches me a little (or a LOT ) about myself and what I'm capable of. (And for your amusement and reading pleasure, I'll be chronicling these adventures through pictures and video and lots and lots of stories here on the Gutsy Girl's Adventure blog!)

And SO...

Yesterday, a guy around my age came into the gym to inquire about our adult gymnastics classes. We got to talking and it turned out he was also a CrossFit trainer and competitive runner. So we had a lengthy conversation about our favorite crossfit WOD's, different trail races we'd completed, and how we can't understand why all runners aren't barefoot training regularly. (More on this another time) I told him about my blog and how I'm on a major quest to find the ultimate adventure.

His eyes lit up. "I'm a competitive skydiver!"

What? Did he say COMPETITIVE skydiver? (Mouth hanging open)


Honestly, I had no idea such a sport existed. I mean, sure, I had seen videos of what I assumed was just stunt "art"--synchronized swimming in the air, right? But the second this guy added "competitive" to the already tantalizing thought of jumping out of an airplane--well, THAT takes on a while new meaning of extreme adventure to me!

Now, mind you...I haven't even skydived ONCE. Yet. But's it's on my short list and definitely something I want to do as one of my first new "adventures". The expense has been my biggest obstacle, but guess what! My new friend said he can get me a good deal on my first jump! Said he'd even do the jump WITH me, as my tandem partner. And who knows? Maybe I'll love it so much I'll be inclined to try this:
By the way....I should mention that my new friend is one of the skydivers in this video. Pretty awesome, right?

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  1. OH boy! He said the magic word. Just promise you'll make a video of your first jump, ok?!